World Halal Day

World Halal Day is annually held on the 17th day of the holy month of Ramadan. Despite the fact that this holiday is quite young, Muslim traditions are already more than 1,400 years old. Our Company, which was the first in Russia to start producing chicken allowed for Muslims and received the certificate of the “Halal” MCSiS, treats them with respect.

This year, GAP "Resource" sponsored the organization of the event "The Ramadan Tent - 2019", which was held on May 21 at Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow. This cultural and charitable project is an organized dinner - Iftar, which can come to anyone. The celebration began with the sunset and continued until late at night. During the feast, the guests talked, listened to the speeches of honored guests, imams, enjoyed the halal dishes and enjoyed the performances of professional national teams.

During the event, the organizers highly appreciated the importance of the work of GAP "Resource" in the production of halal meat. The participants were shown a video about the work of our Company in this direction. Note that the brand "An-Noor" is very popular among Muslims, as they are confident not only in the quality of products, but also in its compliance with religious canons, which in the world of Islam is prohibited to violate.

The meeting ended with the reading of the ayah of the Holy Quran and Dua.